All your tasks in infrastructure and environmental management clearly arranged on one platform:

GeoTask™ System 2.0: your platform for data organization, process execution and communication in geographic space.

Further information on the GeoTask™ System for Smart City applications:


GeoTask™ Smart City Management Concept

The ITU focus group for "Smart Sustainable Cities" defines a Smart City as follows:

"A smart sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and services, and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social, environmental as well as cultural aspects." (ITU Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities, 2015)

The GeoTask™ System is a disruptive technology that allows the cross-linked organization of all data that accrues in a Smart City. The focus is on

With its cross-organization communication, coordination and cooperation functionalities over Internet, the GeoTask™ System helps

GeoTask™ System cross-links spatial and temporal informationen to a Smart City Multi-Project Management System: all parties involved are informed, in real time
Asset Lifecycle Management with the GeoTask™ System

The GeoTask™ System is an Asset Lifecycle Management System that provides information about all facilities and infrastructure objects like roads, street lighting, green spaces, trees, drainage, public transport facilities or telecommunications networks for the planning, realization and operation phases. It goes without saying that all objects have their geographic position, or even several if needed, for instance for mobile objects or for archiving. A flexible measurement data module manages properties that change over time. No observation or measurement gets lost; it can be found and analyzed quickly whenever needed. Using its status management, temporal validity and logging pattern, every object's lifecycle can be controlled and the GeoTask™ System becomes a multi-project and operations managment tool.

Usually, the GeoTask™ System is configured and deployed five times faster than comparable geographic Web-database applications. In other words: you save 80% of the development effort and will be operational with your Smart City management in a few days to weeks. Using a simple Web administration tool, you configure and generate all data management, Web service and Web application components. Nothing has to be programmed, no database access, no web services and no Web applications. You compose your individual Smart City solution from 15 pre-fabricated solution patterns that are successfully used in medium to large enterprise GIS solutions. You define the types of objects you want to manage, how they relate to other object types, how they are displayed on a map, which dynamic measurement parameters need to be collected and analyzed, for example with sensors or through observation, which persons are allowed to use which functions and data items etc.

At the push of a button, your Web-GIS-database solution is generated the way you specified it. Web services are immediately ready to upload existing object and measurement data. Then, all the functions are ready for authorized persons to edit, analyze and visualize their data. From the beginning, the GeoTask™ System was designed for multiple roles and users, the exchange of information and the coordination of activities in space and time as well the cooperation on cross-organizational projects can be started without further ado.

The GeoTask™ System generates your Smart City Management System from your system description (configuration and meta data)

Every city and every utility or telecommunications operator has an individual starting position as well as its own ideas on what to achieve with a smart information and communication solution. For the GeoTask™ System to be used fruitfully in your organization, we are pleased to help you analyze your current situation and develop a Smart City concept for your needs. Please click on the button below to send us an e-mail message with your specific request, or simply call us on phone number +41 79 749 44 84

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GeoTask™ Smart City Planning & Coordination

If all organizations who shape, use and maintain the public space of a town would coordinate their projects, then

Smart Cities sustainably secure their infrastructures and improve quality of life with proactive planning and design. It is important to weigh different interests and effectively use existing resources. Using the GeoTask™ System, this complex process with many stakeholders becomes controllable.

Comprehensive information for all with GeoTask™ Smart City Planning & Coordination
Capturing a new project within only a few minutes in a Web form. That's how all relevant actors and agencies can easily submit their specific requirements using GeoTask™ Smart City Planning & Coordination.

GeoTask™ Smart City Planning & Coordination pays fully back within a few months by saving construction costs. We are pleased to help you define and setup your planning and coordination process and to configure the GeoTask™ System according to your requirements. Please click on the button below to send us an e-mail message with your specific request, or simply call us on phone number +41 79 749 44 84

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GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management

Measurement equipment and sensors are omnipresent in today's connected world. Long gone are the times, when public weather services measured air temperature in Stevenson screens 2m above ground at only 3 or 4 fixed points in time per day. Meanwhile, even primary school classes publish weather and air quality data at minute intervals using their Raspberry Pi single board computer.

The challenge is not anymore the data collection, but the selection, organization and processing of the right data for the solution of the problem at hand. BigData methods might help, but sometimes it is more economical to gather and integrate the data specifically for the target. The Smart City Data Management of the GeoTask™ System manages all measurement stations and their observations including the measurement types in real-time and as an archive.

Measurement stations can be fixed or moving. For a fixed station it is enough to insert the coordinates into the GeoTask™ System. For mobile measurements, the GeoTask™ System handles GPS positions or other time-dependent locations. This is how even many years from now, every measurement can be precisely localized.

Stationary and mobile measurement sites in the GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management

When supplying measurement values and observations, no matter if in real-time or from a long-term archive, there is a rather mundane rule: without an indication of what was measured, where and how, the mesurement values are useless. That is why the GeoTask™ System provides a metadata system to document measurement types and measurement programmes. If new measurands need to be collected or if a measurement unit or method changes, a simple entry of the measurement parameters in the Web administration tool makes the GeoTask™ System ready to host measurement values of a new type. There is no programming and no modification of the database needed. With the GeoTask™ System you are ready to mange all measurements you collect today and the ones you will collect in the future. GeoTask™ SmartCity Data Management is the ideal platform for environmental monitoring, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), building and infrastructure surveillance, traffic count and to report maintenance work and effort on infrastructure assets.

Whenever new measurands need to be collected: define the measurement parameters with the GeoTask™ Web administration application, which immediately deploys a Web service to store and retrieve your new measurement values.

GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management is the ideal data-warehouse for static and dynamically moving geographic data and business assets with all related measurements, observations and modelled forecast data in the real world.

Within seconds, find and extract exactly the measurement values you need out of millions of records using the GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management

GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management radically neatens your space and time data. After a short familiarisation, our customers do not want to part with the GeoTask™ System; at last, they master their data flows, Web services and user interfaces with ease. Together, we can setup the GeoTask™ System for your requirements within a few days. Please click on the button below to send us an e-mail message with your specific request, or simply call us on phone number +41 79 749 44 84

For a sustainably interoperable organisation of your geographic and time dependent business data use GeoTask™ Smart City Data Management:
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GeoTask™ Smart City Operations

Persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of infrastructures must be joined-up thinkers to cope with their daily challenges:

GeoTask™ Smart City Operations links every object of the facilities and infrastructure database with the required maintenance activities, their geographic location (GIS), any kind of measurement data, operational data, observations and documents. It determines and manages the work to be done and provides a standardized logging and reporting system for the proof of the maintnenance measures carried out. This spatial asset management system is an indispensable reference for all questions and processes associated with the physical foundation of an intelligent city, a transport or telecommunications network or for an operator of a transport, supply or disposal infrastructure.

Maintenance of a motorway drainage and sewage system with GeoTask™ Smart City Operations
Green space maintenance on a motorway network with GeoTask™ Smart City Operations

The GeoTask™ System is generic and can be continuously adapted to new requirements of Smart City Operations, directly in the Web administration interface without any programming:

The GeoTask™ System grows organically with your requirements and experiences.

Simple search and interactive tables in GeoTask™ Smart City Operations
Keep the overview even with complex road and rail configurations using GeoTask™ Smart City Operations

Allocate your dear resources effectively to operate and maintain your physical infrastructures, no need for expensive and risky IT experiments. We are pleased to help you prepare your operations, maintenance and long-term upkeep management for Smart City Operations and configure the GeoTask™ System for your specific requirements. Please click on the button below to send us an e-mail message with your specific request, or simply call us on phone number +41 79 749 44 84

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